132 boat-people go down in Bay of Bengal

Shafuri Dip, Bangladesh:  A boat with 132 boat-people of Rohingyas including 15 women sank off the Shafuri Dip, today at around 2:30 am while going to Malaysia, according to a survivor from sinking board.
However, other fishing boats rescued 23 boat-people and were sent to Teknaf police station and the rest boat-people are missing, according to police official.

A local from Teknaf said that 82 boat-people were ferried to a big boat from Naya Para of Teknaf which was anchored off the Shapuri Dip and another 50 bat-peopled were also  ferried to that said big boat  from Mosh Khali Para of Teknaf.

The boat was reportedly carrying about 132 Rohingya Muslims, from Burma to Malaysia when it sank in the Bay of Bengal early today at around 2 am to 2:30 am.

Another boat carrying more than 130 people including ( Rohingya and Bangaladeshi ) sank in the Bay of Bengal on October 28, while going to Malaysia from Bangladesh coast.

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Commander Lt. Col. Zahid Hossain of Teknaf said no bodies had been recovered so far, but quoted survivors as saying they saw some bodies after the boat sank off Bangladesh’s Teknaf coast.

“Search and rescue operation is underway. The voyagers used a  wooden motorboat which had only capacity of 70 passengers. The boat was heading to Malaysia illegally.”

“There were seven or eight women on board the boat. The boat capsized after one passenger fell from the boat into the sea and the boat turned suddenly in a bid to rescue him,” said the survivor.

Burmese government is responsible for boat-people tragedy. Rohingya youths are fleeing from their motherland for searching their livelihood as they have no works to support their family members because of their confinement in their villages and houses.

Bangladesh Border Guard soldiers check survivors rescued from a boat capsize in Teknaf, Bangladesh, Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012. Officials said Wednesday that 23 people were rescued.

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