Stop ethnic cleansing in Arakan State

By Fayas Ahmed

Many a people asked the question: “Why did the Rakhine mobs with the collaboration of security forces attack the Rohingya dwellers in rural areas and towns across the Arakan State?” The direct answer to the point, as many experienced, is the Rakhines are deeply influenced by racism and Islamophobia. For being Muslims in South Asian appearance in contrast to South Asian, the Rakhines do not tolerate them although the Rohingya and their fellow Muslims in Arakan are true embodiment of  the ancient inhabitants of Arakan — the people of Chandra dynasty in particular — whilst the rulers and ruled were Indians similar to that of Bengal.  Mention may be made that in recent historical seminar held in Naypyidaw the Rakhines, with their make-believe history, made unsuccessful attempt to deny Rohingya’s historical roots in Arakan. Analysts comment it as a ‘disappointment’ for most Rakhines.
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