Nasaka collects data of Rohingya villagers in Pauktaw

Pauktaw, Arakan State: Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) accompanied by local Rakhines are collecting data of Rohingya villagers of Pauktaw Township today in the morning, according to a businessman from Pauktaw.

“They are collecting data of three villages—Don village, Zawzi village and Kara Gyi village of Pauktaw Township who have been taking shelter in Nachan village after the clashes between Rakhine and Rohingya. These three villages were totally burned down by Rakhine mobs during the violence. The host village Nachan was also burnt down by Rakhine mobs, but left some houses from burning. “

“Over 8,000 villagers have been taking shelter nearby host village after clashes between two communities.”

According to the direction of government, the Nasaka is collecting data of Rohingya villagers. Government ordered them to get list of Rohingya villagers with the cooperation of Nasaka, Immigration, police, army, Township Administration officer, District Administration officer, Village Administration officer, Religious leaders from Rakhines and Rohingyas, and local elders. But, Nasaka personnel is collecting list of Rohingya villagers with the collaboration of some Rakhine people, said another village on condition of anonymity.

The Nasaka asked the villagers their names, occupation, parents’ names, other family member’s names, age and birth dates. At last, they asked the race of the villagers. Villagers said that they are the Rohingyas, not Bengali. But, the Nasaka writes Bengali in place of race, regarding this, there was an arguing between Rohingya villagers and Nasaka. Therefore, the process was discontinued.  The Nasaka informed the argument to Nay Pyi Daw, the villager more added.

A village elder said, “To collect lists of Rohingya villagers (for Identity) is suitable after the amendment of 1982 Citizenship law, otherwise it will be in vain.” The government had never kept its promise.

The government doesn’t work what it said or promised to the public. The collecting of lists of Rohingya villagers is to identify the villagers whether they are citizens or not. It is only to show the world, they are working, the elder continued.

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