One killed, two seriously wounded in Maungdaw South

Maungdaw, Arakan State: One Rohingya villagers was killed and  a woman and a man ( Rohingya community)  were seriously wounded by military, today, at about 3:00 pm in Maungdaw south, according to a relative of the victim.
“The villagers are identified as Hafizullah (40), Ali Johar, sons of Jaffar Ahmed and Arafa, wife of Botu -a pregnant woman – hailed from Tharyai Gonedan ( Knonena para) village, under the Nasaka area No.7 of Maungdaw Township.”

Today, a group of army and Nasaka went to Thayai Gonedan village to arrest the villagers, who burnt down the house of ex- village Chairman Enous – a collaborator of Nasaka. Enous and his two sons are harassing villagers with the help of Nasaka and military. Villagers do not like the behaviors of ex-village Chairman and his two sons, but, no one known who burned his home, said a village elder who did not say his name.

“Enous and his sons are accusing the villagers with allegation of set on fire his house where most of the villagers are not able to stay in their homes.”

When the Nasaka tried to arrest Hafezullah, he tried to flee and kicked one of the Nasaka personnel. As a result, military open fired to Enous where other two Arafa and Joher were hit also bullet. Enous  died on the spot and other two were seriously wounded, said a close relative of victims

“Arafa may be die soon as her condition was critical and very serious and Joher also serious condition.”

“It is clear that the military, Nasaka, and police do not care to kill Rohingya people,” according to a businessman from the village.

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