Envoys visit Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Three ambassadors from – USA, United Kingdom and Australia – visited Maungdaw Township by helicopter today in the morning, said a local youth from Khadir Bill ( Nyung Chaung village) on condition of anonymity.
“The helicopter only landed at Khadir Bill village near Maungdaw town to see the Natala villages, where some of the Natala villagers and some Rakhine brought from other side of Maungdaw, have been gathering since June after the clashes between Rakhine and Rohingya.”

The government is insincere because, it only arranges to visit Natala villages excluding the Rohinggya refugees who have been kept in their house since June after imposing Act of 144 and state of emergency, according to a village elder.

Earlier, when the delegations from inside and outside of Burma visited the Maungdaw Township, the authorities concerned only arranged to show the Natala villages excluding Rohingya villages, which were destroyed by security forces and Rakine mobs, the elder added.

Today, at night,  the police of Maungdaw Town went to the Kadir Bill  and surrounded the whole village and are  not allowed  villagers to go out of the village because to avoid from the delegation. The Khadir Bill village is very close to the Natala villages where the helicopter landed.

The authorities’ fear of exposing their real cruelties against the Rohingya people during the riot period, if the Rohingys meet with the delegation, said a schoolteacher from Maungdaw Town.

After visiting the Natala villages, Maungdaw, the delegation flew to Mrauk-U and other towns to see the situation.

The envoys are ; Derek Mitchell from USA ; Andrew Heyn from United Kingdom and Ms. Bronte Moules from Australia , who are visiting the Arakan State  to find out why the riot occurred again and how to help  two communities, according  VOA report.

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