Myanmar is inhumanly behaving towards the Rohingya Muslims

by Mohamed Ibrahim, Frankfurt

I do not agree with the views of international media and their various news articles, for the last few months, on the conflicts between Rakhine Buddhists and minority Rohingya Muslims. It is true that Rohingyas are majority in Maungdaw and Buthidaung while they are not more than 10% in Mrauk Oo , Minbya, Kyauk Phyu, Myae Bon and Pauk Taw. As such the claim by certain media groups that the Rohingyas that has been oppressed for many decades could attack the overwhelming majority Rakhines who have full support of state apparatus, is totally absurd and is very unfortunate for the suffering Rohingyas. One should ask himself and use commonsense before publishing such destructive news articles.
More than 5000  Rakhine extremist & Buddhists Monk killed more than 300 Rohingyas in Mrauk Oo,Minbya and Kyauk Phyu.

Many Rohingya Organizations around the world are demanding UN intervention to provide UN security forces because they are helpless and do not possess any mean to defend themselves from this well-coordinated plan of genocide launched against them. But the Bhuddist Rakhine and Myanmar government do not agree to any international intervention. They will not even allow international humanitarian organizations because they are afraid of the face of real culprits will be exposed to the worlds society. This clearly shows who is under attack and who are attacking. Buddhist monks in Myanmar declared the sympathizers of Rohingyas would be considered as “national traitors,” according to a report by a humanitarian group.

Can someone imagine how Buddhist monks are supporting the plan of exterminating whole Rohingya ethnic community from Arakan?  If national security forces do not support Rakhine Community how is it possible for them to do so? Surprisingly,  there is no  single picture or video which shows Rakhine Buddhist died or their temple was burned while there are thousands of videos and pictures to substantiate their claims of Rohingyas that they have been raped, killed, looted and houses, properties and mosques are being burned down by Rakhine Extremist.

The president has been very clear that the Arakan issue should not be seen as a religious matter but if anyone is trying to establish it as a religious issue it’s definitely the monks,” if he does not addresses the issue as religious why he allows all Myanmar Monks to demonstrate against the Islam. There is no doubt that Thein Sein government has involved complicity in this heinous crime against Rohingyas as he is the one only president of a country in this modern days who openly called for the segregation of two communities that have lived side by side for centuries. The RNDP and the president Thein Sein are the most active players of this crime of ethnic cleansing. International community must raise their voices against them without further delay. Otherwise the world will witness the worst genocide of the history in Asia.

In an attempt to calm the situation, Myanmar President Thein Sein announced for a state of emergency in several areas and said the confrontations have nothing to do with religious differences but he fully involves in cleansing the Rohingyas and he is still going forward on with his plan that Rohingyas should be kept in refugee camp until resettlement to a third country. It seems that this is a master plan to cleanse Rohingya Arakan, eventually from the whole country.

Few days ago, riot ensued in Bangladesh. It was also pre-planned conspiracy jointly launched by Bangladesh and Myanmar governments. Prime minister of Bangladesh promised that her government would give compensation to the lost properties in the Bangladesh during the riot while Myanmar Government embarked on mass arbitrary arrest of Rohingyas.

A media reported as: ‘Last week  clashes once again highlight the plight of the Rohingya as a minority that has been discriminated against for a very long time. The systematic persecution of this group has been ell organized and its brutality has reached all facets of life. This group had been targeted decades ago with a systematic policy of elimination”.

It must be stopped. Sending extra troops and fortifying security in the Rakhine region is not enough to stop the violence. Without addressing the root cause of the current situation, the problem will continue and so will be the bloodshed’.

Rakhine extremist & Buddhists Monk are burned Rohingya Muslims houses and killed their women and children’s.

There was an agreement between Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and Myanmar government to open liaison offices in Myanmar to provide the humanitarian aids for the victims of violence regardless of race and religion but the monks and Buddhists backed by the government protested against the OIC for opening the office in Myanmar. The Buddhists from Rakhine state are blocking the aids for the Rohingya since the Turkish government delegation visited the Refugee camps.

As the situation becomes worse day by day, we would like to request UN, USA, EU, and OIC to advocate for the most oppressed Rohingyas of Myanmar. The world community should give pressure on the Myanmar government to stop the ongoing violence against Rohingya immediately, and restore their citizenship and ethnic rights, and to urgently send an UN enquiry team for the crime against humanity to Arakan State.

I would like to appeal international Community for immediate humanitarian assistance for the displaced Rohingyas who urgently need humanitarian aids, medical supplies and other basic necessities.

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