Grenades attack on mosques in Karen State, Burma

Kawkareik, Karen State: Two mosques of Kawkareik Township in Karen State were attacked by three grenades on October 28, at around 11 pm and 12 midnight, according to an Muslim leader from the state.
“An exploration was occurred near Kyondo mosque in Bochouk road, Kyondo, a sub-township of Kawkareik after two motorbikes with unknown four persons rode near it at about 11:50pm, on October 28.”

“No one is killed or wounded, but, heavy variation appeared on the earth and homes.”

Similarly, expiration was occurred near Rayneseegone Mosque (Darga mosque) in Kawkareik Township on October 29, at about 00;30 am, said a trader from the town.

“There were two grenades which were thrown to the mosques compound, one was not exposed and another one hit the wall.”

“The hand grenades were thrown by two persons from a motorbike.”

This is the first time that mosques have come under attack like this, said local residents.

Local villagers did not know who carried out the attacks, and why.

They added that they weren’t sure if the incidents were related to last week’s violence in Arakan State.

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