Nasaka killed Rohingya woman at Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  A Rohingya woman was killed by Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) on October 22, at her house while she was resisting Nasaka from arresting her son over accusation that he was holding a Bangladeshi mobile set, said a close relative of the victim.
“The victim was identified as Ms Hasina Khatun (50), wife of Sheraz, hailed from Oo Shaikya (Bura Shida Para) village, under Nasaka area No.5 of Maungdaw north.”

“On that day, at around 10:00 pm, a group of Nasaka from Nasaka area No.5 went to the victim’s house to arrest her son Noor Mohamed over the allegation that he was holding a Bangladeshi mobile set. But, the Nasaka did not find any mobile set from her son.  However, the Nasaka group was trying to arrest her son; as a result, Ms Hasina resisted the Nasaka from arresting her son. Meanwhile, the Nasaka became furious and hit her head with the bud of gun, hence, the woman was dead on the spot. After that the Nasaka left for their camp leaving the Noor Mohamed.”

Later, a group of villagers accompanied by her relatives went to the local Nassaka camp to appraise the event. The Nasaka commander told them that they will see the matter later.  So the villagers returned to their homes.

The next day, on October 23, the Nasaka Director Lt Col Maung Maung Oo accompanied by some Nasaka personnel went to the village and ordered to bury the dead body, according to a local elder.

Nasaka extorts money from Rohingya villagers after giving false and fabricated accusations is daily work of them, said a local elder who denied to be named.

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