Security force destroys fishing boats in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burma border security force (Nasaka) had shot and destroyed some fishing boats while Rohingya fishermen tried to go to the Naf River mount on October 20, 2012, said fisherman on condition of anonymity.
“No one injured while Nasaka fired to the fishing boats to stop going to the River for fishing.”

The fishing boats are taking to the Shilkhali Nasaka-out post under the area number 7 where the stream is very big to keep the fishing boats, said an elder from Shilkhali.

“The Nasaka personnel from Shilkhali arrested all the fishermen and took to their camp, then the Nasaka tortured fishermen to extort money.”

However, all the arrested fishermen were released after taking money by Nasaka. But, Nasaka took 15,000 Kyat from each engine boat. So, many fishermen are facing difficulties now, said an aide of Nasaka.

Some fishermen are:-  Younus (30),  Nurul Haque (35), son of Tazu Muluk, Sayed Kasim (30), son of Lal Meah of Khonza Bill and Rahamat Ullah (25), son of Aman Ullah of Udaung village tract under the Aley Than Kyaw of Maungdaw south.

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