Minbya Township under fire

Minbya, Arakan State: Over 20 Rohingya houses were burned down into ashes In Minbya Township by Rakhine mobs. At least five villagers were killed and other casualties are immediately known. It does not seem any security forces giving protection to the villagers.  The Pike Thay (fishing village) of Minbya was attacked by the Rakhine mobs without any hindrance, said a local elder from Minbya.
“Is it the violence of genocide or apartheid or ethnic cleansing?”

Many World leaders went to Burma and discussed with Burmese leaders regarding the Rohingya community in Arakan.  But, there is no effect in Arakan State. So far, Rakhine mobs with the help of security forces are destroying the Rohingya villages and properties, said a school teacher..

“Today, at about 10:30 am, Rakhine mobs again torching the Rohingya village – Pike Myaung and The Yet Oak- in Minbya and killing the Rohingya people. Where is the security force?”

Moreover, in Maybon Township, Rakhine mobs are surrounding the Rohingya villages and trying to torch the villages today, in the morning.  At present, there is tense situation, said a local businessman.

Today, in the morning, in Mrauk Oo Township, over 150 houses of Bawli Para( village) were burnt down, said a local village leader.

Besides, in Pauktaw Township, at around 10;00 am, Rakhine mobs are surrounding the Ward No 3 and 4 to torch the houses,  said a local trader.

The Rakhine community with the collaboration of Quasi-civilian government of President Thein Sein is trying to uproot the Rohingya community from Arakan soil.

Now, it is clear that no US, UK, EU, OIC and ASEAN will take any measure to move against genocide in Burma against the Rohingya people in Arakan state, according to a leader from Arakan state.

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