Nasaka kills one, arrests ten in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Burma border security force (Nasaka) shot to death an old Rohingya man and arrested  10 Rohingyas villagers from  Naya para village under Gawdhu Tharya village tract of Maungdaw south on October 20, at about 11;30pm, said a village elder on condition of anonymity.
“A group of Nasaka personnel from Pa-Nyaung Pin Gyi (Daung Kharli) Nasaka camp, under area number 7, entered to the village while three young Rohingya were sitting on the road side of village. The young Rohingyas ran way when they saw the Nasaka coming towards them. At that time, Nasaka open fired to them as it was the time of curfew and under emergency Act 144. Hearing the shooting sound villagers ran away from their homes for fear of arrest and killed. But, unfortunate man – Abdul Hakim (62), son of Inna Amin- was hit a bullet which was fired by Nasaka inside his home.”

The Nasaka entered Rohingya homes to search the young Rohingyas who are sitting on the road, but, the Nasaka arrested everyone who met with them in the home or on the road. The Nasaka areested 10 Rohingya with allegation of gathering in the period of curfew times, according to a village admin member.

“The Nasaka arrested:-  Abdul Aziz, 25, son of U Abdul Hakim; Abdul Hamid, 18, son of U Abdul Hakim; Mohammed Roshid, 15, son of U Abdul Hakim; Mohammed Rofique , 35, son of Abdul Amin; Roshid Ahmed ,30, son of U Esark; Eliyas, 15, son of  U Abu Taher; Noor Kobir, son of U Abu Taher; Noor Kamal son of U Abu Taher; Aman Ullah, 22, son of U Abdu Shukkur and Salim Ullah, son of  U Fozol.”

The arrestees were detained in their camp while the dead body carried away from his house today morning by Nasaka personnel to their camp, then the Nasaka personnel sent the dead body to Maungdaw General Hospital and the arrestees were handed over to Maungdaw Police station. But, till reporting time, the dead body was not haned over to the family for bury, said a relative of victim.

The Nasaka personnel are using – so called arrest warrant list and involved in the riot- to extort money from Rohingyas and some time they fired to Rohingya villages to show the power and to flee the males Rohingya from village for looting the Rohingyas’ properties and to attempt to rape the females Rohingyas, according to a teacher from Maungdaw south.

“The so-called emergency Act 144 and curfew re only for Rohingya community not for other community- Rakhines and Burman- and the security force is only applying this act on Rohingya to arrest, extort, rape and looting.”

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