Harassment going on Rohingya in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Security forces and Natala villagers are harassing – looting, torture, arrest, extortion and rape –  Rohingya  villagers in Maungdaw south  which increased  day by day, according to a village admin officer from Maungdaw south.
“We are not able to go to market to buy household items and kitchen wares for our survival, if we met security forces or Natala villagers, looted all our belonging and tortured till become serious.”

Mohibullah (35), son of Mohamed Hussain, hailed from Lamba Ghona village of Maungdaw south went to Tharay Khun Tan village marker to buy cow for coming Muslim festival on October 20, at about 11:00am where he met some army personnel on the way who looted Kyat 250,000 from his pocket after severely kicked him to his forehead. As a result, he became unconscious on the spot. After leaving the army personnel to their camp, the villagers rush to the spot and carried to his home and now taking treatment from a village doctor as there is no government Doctors and clinic, according to a relative of the victim.

Similarly, a group of Natala villagers from Aung Thaya village of Maungdaw north took away two big goats of Moulvi Sidique (32), son of Lal Meah while grazing nearby his home on October 20, at about 12:00 noon. At first, the Natala villagers killed the two goats with their spears and took away to their village which may cost around 70,000 kyat each. Though the owner saw the event, he did not dare to bar them because they will gave complaint us (Rohingya villagers) that the Rohingya villagers attacked the Natala villagers, a close relative of the victim said who denied to be named.

“However, later, the owner accompanied with some villagers went to the local Nasaka camp and appraised the event, but the officer denied solving the case. The case was against the Natala  who are protecting  by authority.”

Rohingyas are benefited citizens, an indigenous people from Burma and Rohingyas are the victims of a pre-planned genocide. The security forces are destroying villages, burning houses, and religious institutions and the places of worships, killing women, children and  men, raping ,looting and confiscating the lands, and commercial stores and business, denying human rights, inflicting inhuman atrocities on innocent civilian, said a Rohingya leader. .

“President Thein Sein has full responsibility to protect the Rohingyas in Arakan, Burma who are victims of ethnic cleansing. “

Washinton recently has called on the country to protect the rights of the Rohingya ethnic group that has faced wide discrimination.

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