Hacked the arm off in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  A group of Natala villager – Rakhines – hacked the right arm off from a Rohingya  in Tha Yae Kone Tan ( Thar Khun Baw) village today, according to an elder from the village.
“Yaysu, 22, son of Adul Aziz – the Rohingya – went for grass cutting for his cattle in the morning in the field near the Rohingya village, the western side of Maungdaw – Alay Than Kyaw highway road where 10 Rakhines from east side of highway road came  with lethal  weapons and attacked on him.”

“Yaysu was cutting the grass while the Rakhine group attacked on him, the group hacked the right arm off from Yaysu where Yaysu scream out which made near the villagers rushed to the spot and save the Rohingya but, the right arm was kept by Rakhines, the Natala villagers.”

The information was spread out near the villages and the villagers gather on the highway road, but, the Natala villagers informed to the authority that Rohingyas are attacking the village. The authorities – Distriect admin officer, Township admin officer and Nasaka Director- rushed to the village where they saw Rohingya villagers standing on the highway road to complain the event- hacked the arm off- to the authority, according to an officer from security force.

“We are always attacked by Natala villagers while going grazing the cattle and collecting fire wood from the forest. Our cattle are stealing from the grazing ground day by day. We complained to the security force which station near the village but no action was taken against the Natala villagers. We need our cattle, justice and want to stay peaceful life in our villages,” said an elder to the officers who came from Maungdaw.

“The Nasaka Director told the Rohingya villagers to go back to their villages, but the Rohingyas were not going back to villages and stayed on the road where the villagers demand to return their 65 cattle which was stolen today.”

Later, the authority returned 62 cattle to the Rohingya villagers, which was brought from Natala village. But, the Rohingya villagers still missing more cattle which was stolen from Rohingyas’ villages since June riot, said a farmer from the village.

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