Worker dies in Teknaf land port

Teknaf, Bangladesh: A worker – working as daily base- died in Teknaf land port yesterday while he was loading timbers into a truck, according to worker from Tekanf land port.

“The daily workers are working in Teknaf land port with low wages and no medical facility inside port. The port authority is using daily workers for any accident insurance while working on the timbers. The timbers are heavy and frequently occur accident which made the workers injured. The insurance was not qualifed for daily workers.”

The daily workers went to Teknaf land port for loading timbers which are being imported to Bangladesh from Burma, a daily worker, Hussain said.

“During loading into a truck on October 18, a big timber fell down on a daily worker – Shamsul Alam (28), son of late Mohamed Alam- where no worker able to hold the Timber and to save him. He was immediately brought Teknaf Upazila Health Complex for treatment by workers, but the doctor, Abdul Monan declared his death before arriving Health Complex.”

The daily worker was believed a refugee who lives in Lada unregistered refugee camp.

“The unregistered refugees frequently go to land port for working as they don’t get any support from UNHCR and Bangladesh to support their families, according to a local trader on condition of anonymity.

The local also said that one or two die in Teknaf land port every year during loading timbers because the authority of land port doesn’t take care of workers.

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