Rohingyas become cattle less in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Natala (New settler) villagers are stealing Rohingyas’ cattle openly in Maungdaw since June riot which made the Rohingyas cattle less, according to an elder from Maungdaw south.
“The security forces are also helping the new settler for stealing the cattle while grazing near the forest.”

The Natala villagers took away four cattle from grazing field where many cattle were grazing at that time on October 14 evening. The cattle belong to Hamid Hussain, 40, hailed from Khonza Bill village  under Aley Than Kyaw  village tract, Maungdaw south, according to a local from Aley Than Kyaw.

“Hamid complained to the local Nasaka personnel under Nasaka area number 7  about his cattle which was taken by Natala, but the officer told him that they will investigate later, said a relative of Hamid.

Similarly, the armies who have been taking security measure in Maungdaw south were taken away 50 cows along with Natala villagers from Gudusara village of Maungdaw south, while grazing in the field without giving any information to the owners of the cattle, said one of the cattle owners preferring not be named.

“Why the army takes away these cows from the villagers while the villagers are facing acute crisis of food, movement restriction and always living in their villages for fear of arrest, “said a village elder that did not identified his name.

“The army also took away cattle, goats and fowls from the villagers with the collaboration of Natala villagers. Sometimes, they shot the cows and goats in the field and were taken to their camp. Occasionally, the army shot dead some of the villages when they met on the road. They have no difference between Rohingyas and animals.”

The army was sent to Maungdaw south to take extreme action against the Rohingya villagers as the concerned higher authority did not satisfy over the actions taking by Nasaka, police and Hluntin against the Rohingya villagers, a community leader from the locality said.

“When the army reached to Maungdaw south after June 8 violence, the villagers welcomed them hoping that the army will give protection from the persecutions of Nasaka and police. But, later, the villagers saw that army’s brutalities against the villagers are worse than the Nasaka’s ones.”

The army went to Nurula Para after arrival at Maungdaw south from Buthidaung, took out all the villagers including women and children and beat them severely. Some of the villagers were arrested and also looted goods, gold ornaments and cash from the villagers, local youth said on condition of anonymity.

The army has been giving troubles to the villagers of Maungdaw south such as—-arresting, torturing, killing, rape women and girls and looting goods from the villages. The army, Nasaka, police accompanied by Local Rakine villagers are giving troubles to these villages such as Gudusara, Horsara, Baggona, Aley Than Kyaw. Nurulla Para and Udaung, the local youth added.

Every day, Natal villagers with the help of army loot the properties, torturing  villagers, taking or stealing cattle and essentials of Rohingya Muslims in Maungdaw south, according to sources.

Sources also said that villagers are facing many difficulties to move from one place to another because of fear of arrest by Natala villagers, Nasaka, police and army.

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