Buddhist monks demonstrate in Mandalay and Akyab

Akyab, Arakan State:  Buddhist monks (Rakhine and some Burman) demonstrated in Mandalay and Akyab (Sittwe), the capital of Arakan State today in the morning because of OIC office to be established in Akyab, said a local elder from Akyab.
“The Rakhine community does not want to establish OIC office in Akyab. They want to establish OIC office in Naypyidaw or Rangoon. The Rakhine community fear of OIC’s present in Sittwe because it represents 57 Muslim countries. In future, it will do something in Arakan state in favor of Rohingya community. “

In Mandaly, thousands of Buddhist monks demonstrated on the street and shouted that “we do not want OIC office in Sittwe and asked to Bangladesh government to give security to the Buddhist community in Bangladesh” and the demonstration was ended peacefully, said a Rohingya from Rangoon.

But, in Akyab, in the morning, about three thousands of Buddhist Rakhine monks demonstrated peacefully saying that “we do not want OIC office in Sittwe (Akyab) and asked the Bangladesh government to give protection to the Buddhist community in Bangladesh.”

After demonstration, the monks and some local Rakhine people who joined the demonstration did not return to their monasteries and homes and are trying to torch the Rohingya villages—-Ambala village, Choshai Para and Molake village tract—of Akyab( Sittwe). But Army is giving protection to the Rohingya villages. So far, the monks and the local Rakhine villagers are present nearby Rohingya villages and gather in the U Oottama Park till 9:00pm, according to a village from Akyab.

“The army is firing to the demonstrators to disperse the people but the demonstrators didn’t go back even the army fire on the air and using tear gas and not know how long they stay in the Park to attack the Rohingya village. We don’t know the army will save us from these demonstrators.”

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