Rain storm in northern Arakan

Maungdaw, Arakan State : There was heavy rain and strong winds in northern Arakan, Burma yesterday night, said a local villager.
“Many villagers of Maungdaw south have been suffering from rain storm as their houses were burned down by Rakhine mobs  during communal violence earlier.”

“They are not able to build their houses again in their locality because of financial crisis and also they are not supported and allowed to rebuild their houses by the present quasi civilian government.”

An elder from Aley Than Kyaw said, many old men and children are suffering from scarcity of clothes and blankets. He believes that they will be affected by various diseases.

The elder also said that some houses were destroyed by the heavy rain and strong winds. But the villagers do not get any help from the government.

Besides, some huts of the Kutupalong makeshift camp are destroyed by heavy rain where Rohignya refugees live at Bangladesh border without supporting by UNHCR and government of Bangladesh, according to refugees.

In Bangladesh, the heavy rain and strong winds also washed away some houses of locals while many fishing boats went to missing in the Bay of Bengal, official said.

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