Akyab central Mosque compound set on fire

Akyab,Arakan State:  The central Mosque of Akyab( Sittwe) was set on fire by Rakhine with the collaboration of security forces – Hluntin and police, today at about 2:00 pm. The central Mosque is situated near main road and east side of U Ottama park of Akyab, according to sources from Akyab.
“The security force entered the compound of central Mosque where the security forces destroyed the Rohingyas’ houses in the compound and some religious books- Holy Quran and others- then the security forces set fire the houses which may be to burn down the central Mosque.”

Army arrived on time to control the compound and the security forces flee from the compound, according to some eyewitness.

“Besides, about 3,000 Rakhine  surrounded remaining Rohingya villages- Amla Para, Molake village tract, and   Koshai Para to attack and to destroy whole villages. Meanwhile, security forces are standing adjacent villages.  Any time, the villages will be attacked.”

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