Rakhines attack bride-party vehicle in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A group of Rakhine youths accompanied by army personnel attacked and looted a bride-party vehicle while it was on Maungdaw-Aley Than Kyaw Highway of Maungdaw Township October 4, said a local villager.
“Rakhine youths and a group of army stopped the vehicle near Horsara village and attacked it when the bride-party was returning from Nolbona (Pandawpin) village. The Rakhine Natala villagers are from Horsara Natala village and the army is from a nearby camp.”

On that day, at about 1:00pm, over 20 persons of bridegroom-party including males, females and children from Buhamu Para under the village tract of Aley Than Kyaw went to Nolbona village to bring bride by a vehicle, said a villager.

On their return journey, at around 3:30 pm, the bride-groom party was stopped nearby   Horsara village by a group of Rakhines with the co-operation of army.. All the people including bride were severely beaten up by them after getting down from the vehicle. But, they took away gold ornaments from bride, Ms. Shazan and her sister.

Meanwhile, some Rohingya villagers informed the event to the British ambassador who is visiting Maungdaw south yesterday, sources said.

Being informed, some members of envoy went to the spot to see the matter, but the culprits –Rakhines and army—fled from the scene.

However, all the victims including bride went to the Nasaka camp No.7 and gave complaint against the culprits regarding the matter. An officer of Nasaka told them, they will investigate it later, said another villager.

The bus owner was identified as Musu Uddin of Aley Than Kyaw village tract.

A village leader who was not identified said, “The army and the Rakhine extremists did not give respect even to the British ambassador , who is visiting to Maungdaw town. They don’t care international community and are doing their works continuously against the Rhingya community, In this situation, how we will survive in future without getting any supporting from international quarters.”

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