Rohingya females appeal for their properties to traveler on Maungdaw-Alay Than Kyaw highway

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Rohingya females from Maungdaw south were stopping vehicles to give informations of their properties which was looted by security forces and Rakhines (New settler) today, according to a school teacher from Maungdaw south.
“The Rohingya females – more than three hundreds- were geathers on the Roadside of Maungdaw – Alay Than Kyaw highway where they stopped every vehicles which ply on the road and sending their appeal massage to the people and official about looting their property.”

The females stopped a vehicle of Burma border security force (Nasaka)  by standing in the middle of road as the authority vehicles are not stop on the road expect their will.  After stopping the vehicle, the females group asked to the officer, to give protection of their properties which have been looting by security force – Nasaka, police, army, Hluntin ( riot police)and Rakhines- and their male family members are not able to stay in the home for fear of arrest. So, the females wanted for security as the Nasaka are controlling the security in the areas before and now, according to a village youth.

“But, the Nasaka officer said to the females group not to mention the name Nasaka in the looting.”

“The male villagers ran away from their village for fear of arrest and the security forces beaten up some 30 women and entered the house  looting  some gold, money, clothes and .destroyed household things.  The security forces looted 35 cows, and over 50 goats from the Zawmatact village tract. The security forces entered at least 40 houses and destroyed cooking pots and some new ones were taken away by them. The Natakla Rakhine villagers were holding long swords during the operation period of security forces.”

We need more voice from Rohingya community for security and role of Law in their areas. Protest the so called arrest warrant which was hold by police officer to extort money from  Rohingya community, said an elder from Maungdaw

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