Nasaka arrests three Rakhines for beating Rohingya fishermen in Maungdaw north

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Burma border security force (Nasaka) personnel arrested three Rakhines who were beating Rohingya fishermen in Ywanyotaung village today, according to an official from Maungdaw.
“The Nasaka personnel from outpost camp 12 under Nasaka area number 5, received information of a group of Rakhines  are beating three Rohingya fishermen  in Ywanyotaung village, which was sent to Nasaka by village administration officer.”

The Nasaka personnel rushed to the area where the Rakhine group were beating the Rohingya fishermen,where the Nasaka arrested three Rakhines and other were fled  from the scene and ran away to the Rakhine village, according to an official of village administration office.

“The Nasaka had kept the arrested Rakhines in their outpost 12 for interrogation. The Nasaka officer found that three Rakhines – two from Bangladesh and one from Rathedaung- which was given by the arrestee.”

With this statement of arrestees, the authority didn’t know how many Rakhines were enter illegally in Maungdaw from Bangladesh and the concerned security forces didn’t know how many Rakhines had come to Maungdaw from other towns of Arakan.

The statement of arrestee Rakhines had given the picture that who are entering Burma from Bangladesh before and recently, that is Rakhines from Bangladesh not Rohingya from Bangladesh, said an elder from Maungdaw.

Similarly, the Immigration minister U Khin Ye told reporters after third round peace talk meeting with KNU and Thein Sein government, there are no illegal entering ( Rohingyas) in Arakan State after investigation and most of the Immigration officer are mostly Rakhines.

If the Immigration officers are Rakhines in Arakan ( Northern Arakan), how the Rohingya are entered illegally and holding fake ID card card.It May be possible for Rakhines from Bangladesh entered illegally and will hold ID cards as the officers are all Rakhines. The Rohingya who are facing so many restrictions in Arakan, the people from Bangladesh will not enter that place where no freedom is. They will move other countries- Middle East and Southeast Asian country –Malaysia for earning money.No jobs for Rohingya in Burma, how the Bangladesh people will come for jobs or to stay in the open jail, the elder more said.

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