Rakhines round up Rohingyas’ village to attack in Akyab

Akyab, Arakan Stae: Hundreds of Rakhine mobs with lethal weapons went to the Rohingya villages – Hoshai  Para, Mowlake (Moulobi Para) and Aung Mingala (Handi Hola, Amla Para)  of Akyab-  the only ward, which  is existed in Akyab town  and tried to attack the villagers by  surrounding today at about 1:00pm , according to a villager from the locality.
Being informed, the army went to the spot, and foiled the Rakhine mobs from attacking the Rohingya village. Most of the Rakhines are holding long swords, knives, and catapults while the Rohingya villagers are armed less.  Villagers don’t know what the role of army is in coming hours. The villagers fear that the real attack will be occurred at night. The tense situation is existent. The attempt is taking place after the meeting of Rathedaung Town on September 25 to 26, the villager more added.

It is learnt that a Rakhine boy, named Aung Naing Oo (13), from urban, an ice-cream seller was missing and the Rakhine mobs alleged that the boy was arrested by Rohingyas and is keeping in the Rohingya village.  The Rakhine mobs asked the Rohingya villagers to hand over the boy to them; otherwise, they will attack the Rohingya villagers. It is created by Rakhines mobs to attack the Rohingyas village like the incident happened on June 3, at Akyab.  However, the missing boy was found by the concerned authority and informed to the mobs. As a result, the allegation was proved that it was false and fabricated. After that the army foiled the Rakhine mobs from attacking the Rohingya villagers, said an elder from the village.

“Why the Central government and State government let them to do such kinds of attacks in Akyab, Taung Gup, and Maungdaw and other Townships in Arakan State. They did not take any action against the culprits, Rakhine mobs, so they are encouraged to commit more crimes against the Rohingya community. It is a method of systematic ethnic cleansing and genocide against the Rohingya community, which had never been used in any country in the world in 21st century.”

Without, international protection, the Rohingya community will not survive in Arakan state as the Rakhines are able to attack to Rohingyas at any time they want. They have no obstacles because police, army, Nasaka and concerned authorities are their yes-men. On recently held meeting, at Rathedaung Township among the Rakhine leaders’ from17-townships, made a secret resolution for Rohingya community. The secret resolution is totally uprooted Rohingya community from Arakan soil , a youth from Rathedaung said.

Some exiled media also made news only asking from RNDP members and Rakhine community. So the information will not be balanced and fair. Media means to find out the real or exact information, said a Rohingya elder who always listen the Radio news program.

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