No security of life, Rakhine frequently attack Rohingya villages

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A group of the Rakine mob attacked with lethal weapons and took away a Rohingya youth, aged 20 from Mraung village nearby Kilaidaung east village of Maungdaw Town today, at about 1:00 pm. according to an elder from Maungdaw south.
“After the incident, the Rohingya villagers again chased the Rakhine mob and made free the said Rohingya youth.”

“Rakhine who are settler in village near by Rohingya villages, frequently harass Rohingya villages. The Rohingya villagers complained to the authority about the nmatter, but the authority didn’t take any action against the Rakhine villagers.”

“Meanwhile, a group of army arrived on the spot and controlled the situation.”

The Rohingyas and Rakhine women were ran away from Myoma Khayoungdan village market while a group of Burma border security force (Nasaka) arrived and took position at the market in evening. Seeing the situation,the Nasaka immediately control the situation and told the villagers stay as normal, according to a trader from market.

Similarly, a group of local Rakhine numbering around 200 were gathering with lethal weapons in front of the District Admins office of Maungdaw Town, today at about 2:00 pm and tried to attempt to start a strike against the Rohingya people after the meeting of  Rathedaung township held on September 25 and 26. This action is also connected with Sittwe events, said a youths from Maungdaw Town, according to an elder from village.

Being information, the police personnel of Maungdaw police station, came to the spot and tried to foil the gathering, so the Rakhine people were fleeing to avoid arrest of police, but they made hue and cry while they were running away. It made, the local Rohingya people that the Rakhine people were coming to attack Rohingya villages. As a result, Rohingya villagers who were in the market and on the road were also running to their homes to avoid the untoward situation.  This was spread to the town and the Rohingya people are disappointing.  Villagers fear that there will be untoward situation at night, said an elder.

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