More Rohingyas arrested in Maungdaw

Maunegdaw, Arakan State: Today, three Rohingya Muslims were arrested and detained again by the Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) at Maungdaw township over the allegation that they went to Bangladesh, said a local elder.
The arrested have been identified as Mohamed Shafi (21), son of Habi Rahaman, Azizullah (23), son of Abul Kalam and Habib Ullah (25), son of Abu Taher. They all belong to Soung Hodar Bill village of Kyandaung village tract of Maungdaw township.

According to a local villager, a group of Nasaka personnel from the Nasaka camp of Aley Than Kyaw accompanied by a collaborator Biala went to their homes at night and arrested them with the fabricated case while they were sleeping.

After arrest, they were severely beaten up on the spot and brought to their camp by the Nasaka personnel where they were detained in the camp and demanded Kyat 500,000 per each to be released.

Another villager said, they are poor, so they are not able to fulfill the Nasaka’s demand.

Besides, on September 25, six Rohingyas were arrested by the Nasaka personnel of Nasaka-out post camp of the Nasaka area No. 5 of Maungdaw north. Of them, two arrestees are identified as Moulvi Rashid, son of Sayed Hussain and Salim Ullah, son of Nukmal. Both of them hailed from Hoktuma village under the Ngkura village tract. They have been detained in the camp, so far.  Nasaka personnel demanded huge money for their release.

The Nasaka arrests the young Rohingya villagers and extorts money by giving fabricated and false allegation. It is a great human rights violation against the Rohingya community by using their power. In this way, there will be no Rohingya will be left out of the arrest, said a local leader with a great disappointment.

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