Army daily commits robbery in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan Stae:  Army daily commits robbery to the villagers of Nurulla Para of Baggona village tract of Maungdaw Township, according to a local villager.
“Army that is appointed for the security  of villagers including Rohingya villagers and Rakhine villagers  commits robbery to the villagers of Nurula Para village with the co-operation of Natala villagers every day. “

They go to the village every day at night, and take away the properties what they get from the villagers. Even, they take away cattle, goats, fowls etc. Villagers believe that, army will gave protection to the Rohingya villagers, but they are the worse than the Nasaka personnel, said a female from the village.

“Rohingyas have no place to appraise the matter as they are the culprits and the judge of the matter.”

How the Rohingya will survive under the pressure of police, Hluntin, army, Sarapa, Nasaka, and local Rakhines, said villagers.

Villagers expressed their graved concern over the deteriorating the situation in Arakan, especially persecution of security forces in various ways. Restriction on movement, education is severely affecting to the Rohingya students, Villagers are barred from going to market to buy daily needs. When we will free from this big jail, said an old man.

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