Authority lists more Rohingyas to arrest in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Some of Maungdaw police officers along with some of local Rakhine leaders have listed recently more 190 Rohingyas after discussion to be arrested in Maungdaw Township, said a local elder who denied to be named.
“The police will arrest villagers from Maungdaw town and the villagers of Maundaw south, especially from Naska area No.7 and 8.”

The police officers are identifies as –Maungdaw police station officer U Tin Hla ( OC),  U Kyaw Kent ( Surveillance), U Thine Lin Soe ( police officer), U  Than Tin ( police officer), U Hla Sein ( police officer), Aye Tun Sein ( police officer), U Too Too ( police officer),U Hla Win ( Sergeant), U Hla Myint,( Sergeant),  U Maung Chay and U Khin Maung Win, a local leader from Maungdaw Town.

“On August 14, the said police officers accompanied by some local Rakhine leaders prepared a list of more 190 Rohingys to be arrested and submitted to the district Judge to get approval, but the Judge rejected it. As a result, the police and the local Rakhine leaders went again to the District Administration officer U Aung Myint Soe and submitted the list and got approval.”

After getting the permission of warrant list of 190 Rohingyas to arrest, the said police officers daily went to the— Shwe Zaar village, Maungdaw 3-.mile Gate village – Somonia village, Maungdaw Wards   and Maungdaw south villages to arrest the people  who are listed in the list, a youth from Shwe Zaar village said.

‘As a result, villagers in rural areas and in Maungdaw Town are not able to live in their homes for fear of arrest by police and Nasaka.  The riot has been nearly four months passed; but the situation is not still calmed. Why do the concerned higher authorities ignore the problem created by the local authority?”

In addition, on September 23, at about 10: am, a local youth named Alison (17), son of Fokir Ahmed, hailed from Maung Nama village went to Maungdaw town for marketing by his bicycle, He was halted by Natala villagers of Aung Min Gala when he was crossing the Natala village, which was established in 1995 and seized Kyat 200,000 and his bicycle. He was also severely tortured by Than Tun, a group leader of the Natala villagers. Why do the Natala villagers dare to do against the local Rohingya villagers? Nearby, there is a Nasaka camp, that gives them full support to commit any crime against the Rohingya villagers, said a local elder from Maung Nama village.

But, the Thein Sein’s government declared that there is no riot and the situation is under the controlled of security forces. In fact, there is no peace, the security forces only arrest Rohingya villagers, torture extort money and send to jail without any interrogation. The local authorities and some of the local Rakhine Leaders’ intention is very bad towards Rohingya community, said a school master from the Town.

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