Villagers express the grave situation of Arakan State

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Rohingyas villagers expressed their grave concern over the being deteriorating situation of human Rights in Arakan particularly persecutions of security forces in various ways, said a village elder preferring not to be named.
“Our daily life is breaking up due to continuation of State of emergency. The Buddhist Rakhines’ also attacks on Rohingya Muslims with the help of security force are not stopped and arbitrary arrests, forced labor, killings, rape, religious discriminations are increasing day by day.”

“Restrictions on movement, education are severely affecting our survival. Even Muslims are barred from going to markets to purchase daily essentials especially baby foods, medicines, rice, oil and other essentials.”

International humanitarian aid does not reach in Maungdaw and Buthidaung areas where thousands of Rohingyas Muslims are facing starvation. The Rohingya villagers are being kept in their homes or villages by declaring state of emergency and  Emergency Act 144 since June 10. The villagers have no jobs and works to support their family members and have no money to buy goods for their survival, said a schoolmaster who has been suffering from fever from Maungdaw Township.

It is very strange that Rohingya villagers are not allowed to light a lamp, even to cook their meal from 7:00 pm to 6:00 am.  If anyone doesn’t comply the order, he/ she would be shot to death.  How are the Rohingya villagers living in their houses without any light and how they are passing the whole night since June 8, up to now?  Is there anyone thinking so, asked a villager.

The security forces encourage Rakhines to revive the sectarian friction by supplying 3-long sword and other lethal  weapons to each  family of  Natala villagers in Maungdaw and Aley Than Kyaw village  while the  Muslim Rohingya  are not allowed to keep even a kitchen knife.

Yesterday, an old Buddhist woman (65), was normally dead in a Natala (new settlers) village nearby Charkumbow village, about two miles away from Aley Than Kyaw village.  But, the police tried to carry the dead body to a nearby Muslim village to implicate Rohingyas in the dead connection. But the Rohingya foiled the ominous attempt of police and still prevailing tense situation in that area, according to a local elder of Charkumbo village who denied to be named

Regarding the matter, yesterday night some of army personnel went to the village to control or to drag the situation into riots between Rakhine and Rohingya communities.  But, the army that went to  the Nasaka area No.7 are  still  staying there.

A group of police from Maungdaw Town went to the village by car yesterday at around 9:00 pm and returned today at round 9:00 am after arresting three Rohingya villagers from Oo-Daung village of Maungdaw south, said a youth from Oo- Daung village

Besides, yesterday, 18 households from Sobonia Para,of Maungdaw Town that had been  burned down completely  in June 2012, by Natala villagers with the help of security forces went to Nasaka aea No.7  and asked the Commander to provide them shelter. The officer replied that he has no idea about it, so the villagers went to Aley Than Kyaw village to take shelter, a villager said who went to Nasaka camp.

Today, at about 10:15 am, three Nasaka personnel from Pawet Chaung Nasaka –out post camp  went to  Balu Khali village and arrested Moulvi Kala Shuna (45), son of  Mir Ali, hailed from Maung Nama village of Maungdaw township while he was sitting in a tent watching his fishing  project.  He was severely tortured and humiliated by holding his beard. Now he is dying position. Seeing the incident, some of the villagers were approaching to the spot. Sensing the villagers’ approach, the three Nasaka personnel fled from the scene leaving their motor bike. After the event, the victim was sent to his house by the villagers. Later, the motorbike was brought to the Nasaka camp by a Naska aide. The victim was innocent and knowing nothing about the Nasaka’s harassment, said a close relative of the victim.

Many Rohingya youths, Imams and community leaders are being arrested and tortured in jail and more than one hundred thousand Rohingya Muslims were displaced and became homeless.

The Burmese quasi-military Government did not stop the ethnic cleansing and genocide and still ongoing the same situation on the Rohingya people of Arakan. So, we (Rohingya people ) are demanding that some action urgently needed to be taken to stop continued persecutions, ethnic cleansing and racial discriminations perpetrated by the Burmese military and its security forces in Burma, said a political leader.

Rohingya villagers inside Arakan state asked the Kaladan Press that to request the OIC member countries to fight on behalf of Rohingya people in 67th General Assembly session of UN to allow international media and monitoring teams needed to be in the region to report the situation in Arakan.

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