New method of Rohingya cleansing policy

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Police personnel with a new warrant of arrest lists enter the Rohingya villages and arrest Rohingya villagers. It is a new method of Rohingya cleansing after returning of Burmese Investigation Team – established by President Thein Sein with 27 member of civil society – from Maungdaw. The Police had prepared a new warrant list to arrest Muslim Rohingyas from the villages of surrounding Maungdaw town, said an elder from Maungdaw Town with great disappointment and denied to be named.
“The police, Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) and Hluntin (riot police) and army had already arrested over one thousand Rohingyas during the so called communal riot from Maungdaw and were sent to Buthidaung notorious jail. Some of the Rohingyas prisoners died with torture in jail and also many missing after taken away from jail. They were inhumanly tortured. The police forcibly removed beard of some prisoners and their sufferings in jail is unbearable.”

“In Buthidaung Jail, about 100 to 120- prisoners have to liv in a small room, so they become frequently sick and they need medicine, but the concerned authority does not allow providing them medicine from outside. As a result, their health is very serious.”

According to villagers,   since June 8, over 1,200 Rohingya villagers were arrested by security forces from Maungdaw only, now over 800 Rohingyas are remained in jail, others’ whereabouts, were they missing or dead?  This means, the State (Arakan) government lets them free to commit crimes against the Rohingya community, otherwise, it  will be stopped.

The police recently got instruction from higher authority to issue a newly warrant of arrest list to arrest Rohingya Muslims. This is a new tactic to harass Rohingya Muslims with the intention of implementation of their evil designed Rohingya cleansing policy. In last few days, the police raided some Muslim villages with so called warrant lists and arrested some of Rohingya villagers.  The warrant list is not a real one; they verbally told the villagers after calling meeting. After that they arrest Rohingya villagers from road or on field or in the villages and everywhere whom they meet, said a local leader whose son was arrested  by police one week ago  while returning to home from market.

On September 19, the Maungdaw Township administration officer called a meeting in Maungdaw inviting local authorities and some of local Rohingya villagers. The participants were District Administration Officer (DAO), Director of Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) and others. In the meeting, the DAO officer said that more Rohingya villagers will be arrested in future for involving in the recent riots and they have the documents who were involved in the riots. This makes villagers upsetting and disturbing in their minds to live in peacefully in their own land.. Though there is international pressure to the Burmese government, it does not care it and continuously implements their policy against the Rohingya community with slow and steady maintenance, said a local selected person from the town.

In addition, Rohingya villages are robbed by army, Nasaka or police at night and make propaganda that the terrorists from Bangladesh entered Maungdaw Town and commit robbery. In the morning, the security forces go to the village and arrest Rohingya villagers.

Recently, a group of Nasaka accompanied by some Rakhine youths went to Sonbonia Para of Maungdaw Town and committed robbery against the villager and made propaganda that terrorists from Bangladesh entered Maungdaw and committed robbery. The following day, early morning, police went to the village and arrested many villagers, and extorted money and released, said a youth from the village.

Recently, more about 300 names of Rohingyas have been shown in the warrant lists from various villages. On the other hand, the Rohingya villagers are being tortured and arrested who are living to  the east of the Maungdaw-Alethan Kyaw Highway.

There is no application of rules of law in Arakan. The security forces keep the rules of law in their hands and doing as they feel better for themselves.. If the situation is going on in Maungdaw and the rest of Arakan as well, Muslim Rohingyas must look ways and means to flee Arakan despite nowhere to go for them, said a politician preferring not to be named.

“On September 20, at about 11:00 pm, Boshir Ahmed ( 22), son of Dil Mohamed, hailed from War Pyin village of Powet Chaung village tract  under  Maungdaw north over the allegation that he was sleeping in a tent of fishing project watching the fishing project of his owner Monsor (45), son of Nazir Ahmed of the same village. After arrest, he was brought to the Powet Chaung out-post camp and detained there.  However, on September 21, at about 6:00 pm, the arrestee was released after taking Kyat 170,000. This is an arbitrarily arrest and extortion money by security force from Rohingya villager. There is no rule of laws in Arakan north especially for Rohingya community, according to a relative of the victim.”

In daily basis, some of the police officers of Maungdaw Town, in turn, go to Rohingya villages surrounding nearby town, to arrest Rohingya villagers by showing false and fabricated warrant list.

The police officers are identified as– U Aung Kyaw Than, U Hla Thein, U Hla Myint, U Maung Chay, U Hala Shin, and U Too Too etc , said a town dweller of Maungdaw.

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