More Rohingyas arrested in Bandarban, Bangladesh

Bandarban, Bangladesh: Thirty two Rohingyas were arrested by Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) on September 21, from border points of Naikonchari under the Bandarban district when they were entering to the Bangladesh, according to BGB officials.
According to sources, they were kept in their camp and pushed back again to Burma by BGB.

Besides, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) arrested 37 Rohingyas along the Burma-Bangladesh border on September 18, and pushed back to Burma in the same day.

According to different sources, thousands of oppressed Rohingya people were arrested and pushed back to Burma and some of them were also sent to jail by the concerned authority.

Sources also said, they come to Bangladesh from Burma to take shelter because of persecutions and human rights abuses against the Rohingyas in Arakan State, Burma by the present ruling quasi-civilian government of Burma.

The Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Bangladesh, Prof Mizanur Rahman today stressed the need for resolving the longstanding Rohingya refugee crisis through bilateral consultations between Bangladesh and Burma (Myanmar).

According to the international convention of 1951, Bangladesh has the right to send Rohingyas back to their homeland in the greater interest of the country, according to Dr Mizan.

“The Myanmar government puts pressure on the Muslim ethnic community to leave Myanmar for political reasons,” Dr. Mizan told in a discussion meeting in Dhaka.

The NHRC chief also said Bangladesh has already sent a formal letter to the Burma’s government for resolving the problem, but the government of Burma does not give any positive response. “Under the circumstances, international help is needed to resolve the Rohingya crisis.”

Today, the NHRC organized a discussion meeting titled “Journey to Solution of Rohingya Refugee Crisis:  A National Consultation,United Nation High Commission for Refugee” at Dhaka University’s Nabab Nawab Ali Chowdhury Senate Bhaban.

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