Two Rohingya youths stabbed and seriously wounded

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Two Rohingya youths were stabbed and seriously wounded in their bodies by a group of Rakhines with the cooperation of military on September 19, said a villager.
The victims have been identified as Hamidullah (26), son of Gulam Ahamed and Jasim Ullah (22), son of Sultan Ahamed, hailed from Khonza Bill under the Maungdaw townships.
Hamidullah went to his cultivated land to grow seeds nearby forest, but Jasim Ullah went to the forest for grazing his cattle. A group of 7- Mogh (Rakhines) including a military went to forest from Natala village of Sommana, arrested the two Rohingya in the forest. After arresting, they were severely beaten up by the Moghs on the spot and then they were brought to Natala village, said a reliable source from the village.
The source also said that they were severely tortured and beaten up again till unconscious by Moghs and military in the military camp of Sommana. Later, Hamidullah was stabbed and wounded in his head and shoulder and Jasim Ullah was also stabbed in his head and one in shoulder by Moghs. The both Rohingyas youth were also kicked and tortured by the military who accompany with Mogh.
“They were thrown nearby a stream of Sommana by Moghs in the evening. The relatives of the victims got information and went to the stream and brought to the homes.”
“The wounded Rohingyas youth are not able to go to the hospital where need money to pay staffs and for medical treatment, but both are poor and not able to bear the money for treatment.”
“The two youths are not able to move as still bleeding from the stabbed.”
Last night at about 12:00 pm, a group of Sarapa (Military Intelligence) from Aley Than Kyaw went to their homes and investigated them. They took 3-Photograph per each. They (Sarapa) also told them for treatment, said an aide of Sarapa.
Today morning, the victims were taken to Sarapa camp by the family members while the Sarapa were not present. However, they were brought their homes again without treatment. They are kept in the homes.
A village elder said, “We are human being, if Moghs or Rakhines with the cooperation of authorities are  harassing continuously – torture, kill and arbitrary arrest- us (Rohingya), where we will go and where is our life security. So, we have urged the international community to take immediately step to save our lives in Arakan State. Otherwise, the Rohingya community will be cleansing systematically by the Burmese government within short time. It is a policy of present ruling of government.”

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