Rohingya Muslim detained in Maungdaw

Maunegdaw, Arakan State: A Rohingya Muslim was arrested and detained by police at Maungdaw over the allegation that he told the real happening to the Major Geneal Maung Oo  about the recent violence between two communities while he visited at Maungdaw, said a friend of the victim  from Maungdaw.

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Woman severely tortured by army and Natala villagers in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: On September 16, in the morning, a Rohingya woman was severely beaten up by the military along with Natala villagers because she went to the Natala village to take back her relatives’ cattle that were taken away by army and local Natala villagers from grazing field, said a villager on condition of anonymity.

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