Three miles Nasaka checked post harrass Rohingyas in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Burma border security force( Nasaka) personnel from three miles  checked post have been harassing  Rohingyas’ vehciles driver and Rohingya travelers , according to an elder from Maungdaw.
 “ The Nasaka from checked post  have been asking the drivers to bring their  ID ( White card) to go to the Buthidaung with passangers ( Rohingyas). The drivers have  to bring back the ID card from their home. It need them to return back to Maungdaw and go again with ID to go with vehciles  to Buthidaung.”
 “It is only need the Rohingya drivers , not for Rakhine drivers .”
 The system which the three miles checked post is using  not to travel with Rohingyas owned vehciles. Today, the three miles checked allowed only eight Rohingya vehciles to go Biuthidaung, saida driver from Maungdaw.
 “Most of Rohingyas are using Rohingyas’ owned vehciles  and the Rakhines vehciles are not getting passengers  for their vehciles to go Buthidaung. So, the Rakhine  vehciles owners used this kind of harassment to Rohingya community with the help of Nasaka.”
 The Rohingya who want to visit Buthidaung Jail need to process form 4  from Immangaration department. To get the form 4, all the Rohingyas have to pay 1000 kyats per head, said a Rohingya from Maungdaw who wants to see his brother in Buthidaung Jail.
 “The three mile checked post also asked to Rohingyas to bring the White ID cards together with form 4 , which made people very diffcult to return to their home  in different villages. It mean, Rohingyas lost time and money to travel to Buthidaung,”

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