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Persecution increased after Major General Maung Oo’s visit:

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  After ex-Western Command Commander Major General Maung Oo’s visit to the north Arakan, the persecutions are increased against the Rohingya community in Maungdaw Township, said a local trader on condition of anonymity.

“General Maung Oo is also the present USDP secretary of Arakan State and accompanied by upper house Parliament member U Aung Zaw Win of Maungdaw constituency, U Shwe Maung, the upper house parliament member of Buthidaung constituency and others parliament members from Rangoon visited to the northern Arakan (Maungdaw) on September 12. After their departure, the security forces such as— Nasaka, police, Hluntin and army increased arresting the Rohingya people with false and fabricated cases against the Rohingya people, tortured and some were released after taking money.”

The followings are some of the arrestees identified as —-Mohamed Alam (35), son of Shaffi Rahaman, hailed from Mangala ( Tharat Oo) village was arrested by the Nasaka of Kular Bill Nasaka out-post under e tNasaka area No.5 , today at around 12:00 noon, from his house and tortured severely. The Nasaka also took away his motorbike. After arrest, he was brought to Nasaka Headquarters where he was detained. Villagers believe that he will be killed.  Now he is living in Maungdaw Town. He is a wealthy man, said a close relative of the victim.

From Nari Bill village, under the Nasaka area No.6 Of Maungdaw Township,  Mohamed Noor (17), son of Abu Sidique   was arrested yesterday by the Nasaka of Nari Bill out-post camp at about 6:00 pm while he was on the way to home after fishing from his fishing project. However, he was released after paying Kyat 300,000. He paid this money after selling his house compound. Besides, Ahmed Hussain ( 40), son of Osiur Rahman, hailed from the same village was also arrested by the same Nasaka yesterday while he was watching his fishing project. He was also released after taking Kyat 100,000. From the same village, the Nasaka more arrested Abdullah(22), son of Hussain, and Akter Hussain( 25), son of Mohamed Shoffi while he was going to the market of Kyauk Hla Gaar market from his village at about 12:00  noon. They are detained in the camp and asked Kyat 50,000 per each to be released, according to a local businessman who denied to be named.

In addition, the Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) of Konsi Pyin village Nasaka camp arrested 14-villager yesterday night from Konsi Pyuin Village of Maungdaw Township without any allegation and were released after taking money. The victims were identified as— Moulvi Abu Sidique (55), son of Zabber, Abu Bakker( 33), son of Jabber, Rashid Ahmed (25), son of Monzor, Dil Mohamed (28), son of Khalu, Nezamuddin (40), son of Olison, Abul Shama ( 55), son of Mohamed Hussain, Sayead Alam ( 35), son of Mohamed Kasim, Bodar Alam ( 65), son of Dor besh Ali, Abul Bosher ( 25), son of Affalatun,  moulvi nurul amin(55), son of Asharaf Ali,  Jarmuluk (58), son of Jabber, and Hussain Ahmed ( 30), son of  Mohamed Hussain. They were released after taking Kyat 20,000 to 30,000 per each. Another two youths from this village namely Shaker (12), son of Mohamed Alam and Akram (15), son of Kalam Kader were severely beaten up by the Nasaka for flashing their  torchlights  to  them while the Nasaka were approaching the local sentry post at mid -night., said a local villager from Konsi Pyin village preferring not to be named.

Moreover, a group of Nasaka personnel of Fadensa (Padang) Nasaka camp went to Du Yaung Pyin Gyi (Shaira Para) at about 10:00 am, to arrest Imam Hussain (30), son of Modon Ali, but they failed. So, the Nasaka arrested his mother and brought to the the Nasaka camp yesterdaysaid a youth from the locality.

Robbery by Hluntin and Natala villagers:

On September 14, a group of Hluntin accompanied by some Natala villlagers went to The Baggona village tract of Maungdaw south at around midnight and tried to attempt robbery against the villages.  But villagers made hue and cry and also rushed to the spot. So they were unable to commit robbery.  Meanwhile, nearby security force (army) also came to the spot and fired to the robbers. So, one of the Natala villagers was hit on his head and immediately sent to Buthidaung General hospital for proper treatment, said a local elder on condition of anonymity.

Buthidaung Township:

On September 14, the major General Maung Oo accompanied by others went to Buthidaung Town to see the prison situation of Buthidaung Town. According to police and Hluntin from Maungdaw Township, about 450 prisoners are detained in the jail since (June 8) the riot was occurred in Maungdaw.  However, according to SBTO, of Buthidaung, over 880 prisoners are detained in the jail. After seeing the jail, they will go to Rathedaung Township to see the relocated Rohingya villagers. There are no NGOs and other relief organizations visit in these areas.  As a result, most of the refugees are suffering from acute food, shelter and medicine crisis, said two local elders. one from Buthidaung and another one from Rathedaung.

Rathedaung Township:

In Rathedaung Township, there are 24 villages, of them most of the villages were burned down by the Mogh mobs with the help of security forces. They have no food, no medicine and no shelter in the rainy season.  In Raja Bill village, there are about 550 houses and the army gives security to the village, but armies do not allow to the villagers to get out of the village to buy anything. For instance, recently, a village youth was severely tortured by the army because he went to another house in the village to take medicine for his younger sister who has been suffering from fever since long. There is another strange thing is happening, that is all the male villagers are brought to a nearby Rakhine village two times per week and give them lecture. Regarding this, villagers think that there will be something behind this. So villagers are living with constant fear of something will be happened soonsaid a village elder from the village.

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