More Rohingyas held in Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar: Bangladesh: More Rohingyas were arrested in special drives from the urban areas of Cox’s Bazar town by police on September 8, said a businessman from Cox’s Bazar.

Arrested Rohingyas in Cox’s Bazar police station
“A total of 54 Burmese citizens were held in special drives over allegation and suspicion by police in Cox’s Bazar town on Saturday.

Officer-in-Charge of Cox’s Bazar Sadar police station Misbah Uddin Khan said that in order to develop law-and-order situation and prevent militants, police conducted special drives in Cox’s Bazar.

The officer also said, “The drive will be remaining continue and we have information that huge number of Burmese citizens are living in different areas of the district.”

A politician from Bangladesh said, “The Rohingya Muslim is one of the most persecuted people in the world. Mostly Rohingyas are taking shelter in Bangladesh because of persecution, harassment and denial of citizenships of Rohingyas by the Burmese government. Now, the Bangladesh authorities are arresting the Rohingyas from the local areas of Cox’s Bazar and detaining in the police station.”

“There are also Rakhine ( Mogh) entered to Bangladesh, living as citizen of Bangladesh and then go back to Myanmar where they have also citizenship, Some Rakhine (mogh) also obtain urban refugee in Bangladesh. The Rakhine ( Mogh) are getting refugee statues after entering Bangladesh. Why Bangladesh not checking this Mogh in Bangladesh- Cosx’s Bazar, Harban, Hill tract-. And need to check they are really the minority or not?”

The politician also said that thousands of Rohingya Muslims have been trying to enter the Bangladesh after violence in Arakan on June 8, but Bangladesh barred them to enter. So, many Rohingyas with boats were missing in the Bay of Bengal while Rohingyas were pushed back to Burma.

Another local elder from Bangladesh  said on condition of anonymity that Rohingyas are Muslim, they come to Bangladesh from Burma as they were persecuted such as— rape, killings, arbitrary arrest, torturing, extortion money, harassment, looting, burned down their houses—- and etc. by the police, Hluntin ( riot police), Nasaka( Burma’s border security force, army  along with Moghs (Rakhines).

“So, Bangladesh has the responsibility to provide shelter to the Rohingyas as Muslim and neighboring country and to advocate the Rohingya issue to the world. Why the Bangladesh authorities arrest the oppress Rohingyas on the suspicion of militants?”

Hundreds of Rohingya Muslims were also arrested by BGB from the areas of Bangla- Burma border and pushed back to Burma, according to sources.

Rohingya community becomes like a ball, kicked by Burma and then kicked by Bangladesh across the Naff River, said a student from Burma-Bangladesh border

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