Huge consignment of Yaba tablets seize at Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Huge consignment of Yaba tablets was seized in Maungdaw on September 5 by Maungdaw police force, said a reliable source from Maungdaw Town.
“Syed Karim (40), son of Bokker, hailed from Ward No.1 of Maungdaw Town is handling the Yaba consignment.”

“Police inspector U Tin Hla and Surveillance officer U Aung Kyaw Kent led a group of police personnel, went to Sayed Karim House where police seized 43,500 Yaba tablets and arrested him on September 5 at about 11:00pm.”

The Maungdaw town is controlled by security forces with emergency Act 144 where the Rohingya community is unable to move from house to another. It is possible for a Rohingya person- Syed Karim- to handling huge Yaba tablets in this situation. May be, someone – high level officer – is behind him to transport this drugs consignment to Bangladesh by him, said a Rohingya elder from Maungdaw.

“Since long, Rohingya are not able to move other town – Buthidaung- without holding form 4 which was issued from Immigration office, how the huge consignment of drugs reaches his house.”

However, he was released after giving Kyat 15 million to the police officers and the seized Yaba tablets were not handed over to the concerned authority, said a source from police force.

A village elder said, “Why does the authority release him and why the police officers do not handed over the seized Yaba tablets to the concerned authority?”

“Many people were destroyed in Maungdaw including Rakhines and Rohingyas by involving in Yaba smuggling to Bangladesh.  It is needed to give exemplary punishment to the people who are involved in the Yaba smuggling.”

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