The Update news of Maungdaw, September 6, 2012

Army collecting money from villagers

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Recently, an army check- post is established nearby Shwe Zaar bridge of Maungdaw Town.  Many Rohingya villagers have to cross the bridge to go to Maungdaw town. Nearby Shwe Zaaar Rohingya village, the army has been collecting Kyat 5000 per house excluding Rakhine village. The money is for their ( Amy’s ) ration. The money is collecting from the villagers while they have been suffering from acute food crisis as the authorities do not allow Rohingya people to buy food from the market. The curfew is only imposed to Rohingya community excluding Rakhine community, according to Town dwellers.

Owner pay for his own goats

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  An owner has paid money for his own goats to take back from the army which stationed at Nwah yon Taung ( Hor O Dil) school, according to a relative of goats owner.

“The two goats were taken away by the army while grazing in a field nearby his house.”

On August,25, in the morning, a group of army that were patrolling at the village, was taken away  two  goats of Zalal  Ahmed, from said village while grazing nearby a field.

On being informed, the owner of the goats went to the army out post and take back his goats after paying Kyat 1,800, said a close relative of the victim.
Four fishermen arrested by Nasaka:

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Four fishermen were arrested by Burma border security force (Nasaka) on September 4, at night for fishing in the Naff River, which demarcates the Burma and Bangladesh, a relative of the fishermen said on condition of anonymity.

They went to the Naff River for fishing with nets after getting permission from the concerned Nasaka personnel. They gave two kg of fish and paid money to the Nasaka per head to obtain permission. However, they were arrested by the Nasaka at 11:00 pm and detained at the Nasaka camp and asked them to pay Kyat 50,000 per each for their release. But, the poor fishermen were not able to pay the money, so they are still in the camp.

The arrested fishermen were identified as—Abdu Shuker( 40), son of Boshor, Komile (25), son of Dil Mohamed, Osir Ullah (22), son of Fazal Ahmed. The three belong to   Nari bill west village of Maungdaw Township. Another fisherman named Abul Shama( 45) , hailed from Kular Bill village of Maungdaw Township, said a local elder.

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