Nasaka’s arbitrary arrests, extortion at Maungdaw north

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Nasaka Commander of Nasaka area No. 6, with the collaboration of Ayas, son of Dil Mohamed, hailed from Paun Zaar village of Maungdaw Township and Shah Alam, son of Issaque, hailed from Labbor Zaar village arbitrary arrested many villagers from Labor Zaar village since the sectarian violence backed by concerned authorities that occurred in northern Arakan on June 8, according to a local elder from the locality who did not mention his name.
“Later, the arrestees were released after taking huge money. The following are some of the arrestees during the riot period (within one month) for only extorting money over the allegation that they were involved in the riot occurred on June 8.”

“Some arrestees are identified as Mohamed Rashid, son of Abu Siddik, (Kyat 3.5 million had paid for his release), Moulvi Habib Salam, son of Abdu Salam (Kyat 2.8 million), Fayas Ahmed son of Abu Siddik (Kyat 2.2 million), Hafez Iddris son of Moulvi Amir Hussain (Kyat 1.7 million), Ziabul Haque son of Boshar (Kyat 1.5 million), Mohibullah son of Nuruz Zaman (Kyat 2.5 million), Hafez Ziaur Rahaman son of Rahshid Ahamed and his younger brother Afzur Rahaman (Kyat 4.5 million), Moulvi Mohamed Sayed son of Amir Bokshu (Kyat 2-million), Moulvi Mohamed Khan son of Abdu Salam (Kyat 3.2 million), Hafez Ali Hussain son of Hamid Hussain and his younger brother Ali Boktu (Kyat 2.5 million), Mohamed Juhar son of Mohamed Hussain (Kyat one million), Moulvi Abu Siddik son of Abdu Sukkur (Kyat one million), Hafez Mohamed Tareq son of Usman Goni (Kyat 0.7 million), Moulvi Sona Meah son of Lal Meah (Kyat 3.5 million), Mohamed Jubair son Gura Meah (Kyat 0.8 million), Ms Ayesha, mother of  Ismat Ara Begum ( Kyat 0.4 million), Mohamed Esaque, son of Nazir Ahmed (alias) Khalu ( Kyat 0.2 million, Moulvi Mohamed  Nozum, son of Khobir Ahmed ( Kyat 5 .4 million), Hafez Kamal( Ali Akber( Kyat 0.8 million),  Noor Alam, son of Queila Meah and his son ( Kyat 2.5 million), Moulvi Idris son of Mohamed Hussain (Kyat 1.5 million) and Mohamed Yousuf son of Mohamed Hussain (Kyat 0.7 million). They all belong to Labbor Zaar (Kayin Taw) Village of Maungdaw Township.”

Besides, Nasaka personnel also arrested Moulvi Mohamed Meah, son of Hamid Hussain, hailed from Lobba Zaar village. At first, he paid Kyat one million for his release, but Nasaka again demanded Kyat one million, so he is going into hiding as he was unable to fulfill Nasaka’s demand, said a local trader from the village.

“Another villager Kolim Ullah, son of Abul Hashim is also going into hiding because he was not able to pay the Nasaka’s extra demand. At first, he paid Kyat 0.8 million to the Nasaka for his release, but after release, Nasaka personnel again demanded extra 0.8 million money.”

“Abdur Rahim son-in-law of Yasin, hailed from Labbor Zaar village was also arrested by Nasaka personnel and was released after paying Kyat one million. He was detained for 10 days in the camp. After release, Nasaka demanded extra another Kyat one million to avoid arrest again. But, he was unable to pay the money, so he was arrested again.”

“Mohamed Harun son of Nazir Ahamed, hailed from Labbor Zaar village was arrested by Nasaka personnel and released after paying Kyat 0.3 million. However, the Nasaka again asked him to pay another Kyat 0.3 million. But, he is unable to pay the money and is going into hiding.”

“Kabir Ahamed son of Noor Mohamed and his younger brother were arrested by Nasaka personnel. He is a shopkeeper of Maungdaw municipal market. At present, he lives at Ali Para of Ward No.1 of Maungdaw town. Both of them were released after paying Kyat five million.”

The concerned authorities continues commit serious human rights abuses against the Rohingya community in northern Arakan State, including arbitrary arrests, extrajudicial killings ( it is not unknown to public) because of Rohingya community has been keeping in the houses since the riot was broken out in June 8, rape and restrictions  on religious  freedom.

On august 7, the Home Affairs Minister Lt General Ko Ko said authorities were “tightening “restriction on Rohingya.

On August 21, Border Affars Minister Lt General Thein Htay said that only 987 people were arrested involved in the riots. .But, according to local information, more people were arrested by the concerned authorities.

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