More Rohingya villagers arrested in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) personnel arrest and harass the Rohingya Muslims in Maungdaw south constantly without any obstacles. Many Rohingyas were arrested over the allegation that they were involved in the recent communal violence occurred which was happened on June 8, said a local elder on condition of anonymity.
Recently, some Rohingya villagers were arrested by Nasaka personnel from Udaung village under the Nasaka area No. 8 of Maungdaw Township.  After arrest, they were detained in the camp and severely tortured.

“Of them, some have been identified as Moulvi. Abdul Motalob (40), son of Noor Ahamed, Salim Ullah (45), son of Boduran, Majiullah (20), son of Salim Ullah, Eliyas (43), son of Kasim, Noor Kamal (18), son of Ibrahim, Iqbal (16), son of Ibrahim, Rahamat Ullah (25), son of Lal Meah, Leta (30), son of Amin, Zahid Hussain, son of Fazal,, Moulvi Anwar (70), son of Ahamed Hussain, Noor Mohamed (55), son of Tazu Mulluk, Lal Meah (55) son of Abdu Karim, Azi Rahaman (50), son of Lal Meah, Leta (50), son of Taqgul and Azimali (60).  They all hailed from Udaung village tract of Maundaung township. They have been detained and severely tortured in the Nasaka camp and demanded huge money for their release.”

“However, of them, six Rohingya villagers were recently released after paying Kayt 200,000 to 450,000 per head.”

Again, yesterday night, four Rohingya villagers were also arrested from Udaung Village Tract by the Nasaka personnel of Udaung out-post camp under the Nasaka area No. 8. They are detained in the Nasaka camp, so far, according to a village elder that declined to be named.

The four arrested have been identified as Shamsu (25), son of Ismail, Imran (22), son of Moulvi Hashim, Moulvi Nazim Ullah (27), son of Abdullah and Afzu Rahaman (22).  They all belong to   Udaung village tract. The Nasaka demanded money from them for their release, but they refused to pay the money. So, they are detained and beaten up continuously in the camp.

One of the recently released arrestees after paying money said, “The arrested villagers are severely tortured to extort money. Even the stools of Nasaka are applied to the bodies of arrestees.”

The situation in north Arakan State remains extremely bad as the concerned authorities continuously arrest, torture and extort money from Rohingya villagers though there is international pressure to Burma. It seems that the Burmese government does not take any care to the international community. The concerned authorities are implementing their policies against the Rohingya community as they like, said a local leader from Maungdaw Town preferring not to be named.

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