Villages’ admin force students to go school in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The village administrators are forcing Rohingya students to go the school (High School) by request of headmaster U Kyaw Zaw Htun on August 30, according to a parent from Maungdaw.
“The headmaster of High school delivered a notice to all villages admin, students and parents to send their children to school which the headmaster wanted to show it is peacefull and all the student are learning in the school.”

But, the headmaster mention in his notices that of the school divided the classes into two sections— morning and evening sections. In the morning section, the Rakhine students are being taught, and the Bangali (for Rohingya) students are in the evening section. Which seen that the school authority is imposing racism in the education sector. He forcefully using the words “Bangali” instate of “Rohingya”.

There were 40 Rohingya students in the evening on August 30, but the school authority made problem with Rohingya student while saluting the Union Flag.The school authority forced the Rohingya students to bow down their head which is against the religious and traditional of Rohingya. So, student refused to do it, said a student. “We give respect and salute our union flag by lifting  right hands to our foreheads. It is our tradition.”

“If the school authority is going with this system, we will attend the school and we will study in the home not at school. We need all together at school.In the evening, the teachers are not teaching us, so why we lost our time,” said a student of class ten.

The Rohingya students have to fill a Form, which is provided by the school headmaster, which has a blank of Race. Rohingya students are forced to fill the blank – Bengali race – instead of Rohingya. Therefore, Rohingya students are disappointed and returned homes.

After the skirmishes between Rakhine and Rohingya community since June (8), the High School of Myo Ma Kayandan of Maungdaw Town was closed.

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