Rohingya border pass travelers beaten up by Rakhine youths

Maungdaw, Arakan State:Some of the Rohingya border pass travelers were beaten up by Rakhine youths in front of the old cinema hall – Hluntin out post where mostly Rakhine youths stay with them – Maungdaw Town and looted their goods while they were going to their homes after returning from Bangladesh with one day border pass on August 1, according to a man who crossed Burma- Bangladesh border with border pass.
“This matter was appraised to the Nasaka personnel of Maungdaw exit/entry gate, but the Nasaka denied taking any action against the Rakhine culprits. The Rakhine youths blocked while the Rohingya travelers returned on the way to their home, so they stayed overnight a nearby Rohingya village named Ukil Para ( Auck Ywa) for their safety.”

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) asked Burma border security force (Nasaka) to maintain the security of Bangladesh visitors in Maungdaw, otherwise closed the border crossing with pass, according to BGB source. “Two women of Bangladeshi tourists were catapulted by Nyo Nyo- a Rakhine youth- while they were walking near the Kambaza bank in Maungdaw town on August 29 which was informed to Nasaka and BGB.”.

This is a kind of harassment to the Rohingya community in front of the security forces by Rakhine community when the Rohingya people are met on the road. Security forces pretend not to see any incident between Rakine and Rohingya community while they are present nearby the event.  The Rakhine Community will not dare to commit any crime against the Rohingya community if the government does not encourage them, said a school teacher from Maungdaw.

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