Teknaf land port resumes after 80 days

Teknaf, Bangladesh:  Teknaf land port- dealing border trading and handling weekly passengers from Burma and Bangladesh- was resumed yesterday after 80 days, said a passenger named Keramat Ali from Teknaf.
“It has been stopped since June 8, because of sectarian violence backed by government between Rakhines and Rohingyas in Arakan.”

Yesterday morning, at about 10: 45 am, two trawlers with 49 Burma’s passengers arrived in Teknaf land port and on the other hand, 36 Bangladeshi passengers including boatmen were travelling to Burma.

The residents of the two countries had been travelling since long time, but it was suddenly stopped after Burma’s recent communal violence in June 8.

Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) and BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) were very happy as restarting of  both countrymen traveling each other.  “We hope it will be going continuously, said Zakari, a trader from Teknaf.”

An officer, Fazlur Rahaman of BGB said, “We are happy as the residents of both countries are able to travel after sectarian violence.”

The residents of Maungdaw townships will be able to see their relatives in refugee camps in Bangladesh, sources said.

Today, at about 2:00 pm, two women of Bangladeshi tourists were catapulted by Nyo Nyo- a Rakhine youth- while she was walking near the Kambaza bank in Maungdaw town. So, the Bangladeshi women said, it is proved that the Rakhines catapulted the Rohingya community while going out from their villages, a source said from Maungdaw on condition of anonymity.

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