Rohingyas shops owner lose their property in Maungdaw municipal market

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Rohingyas shops owner will lose their property for non-maintaining of shops by municipal office, according to a shop owner from market.

“The market was closed  by the authority since June 8 and the authority did not keep maintains the market since last year which the shop’s owners were complained for roof which was broken.”

“This year, the conflict between Rohingyas and Rakhines on June 8 and the market was totally closed and no one enter to the market and the owners were not able to control their shops while the raining. The  rain entered to the shops and destroyed all the goods inside the shops, especially the clothes shops.”

The municipal office open the market today morning from 7:00an to till noon. The shop’s owner went to the market and checked their shops. The shops were fully damaged by rain as the authority is not care the market. To save their goods, the owner try to carry some cloths to dry in their home,but the authority is not allow the goods from market. The cloths will be damaged if the cloths are  not dry on times,  said an elder from Maungdaw.

The authority only allowed the shops’ owner to carry 500,000 kyat cash from shops and the security personnel checked the owners when the go home. It is very difficult to owner for giving only 500,000 kyats to carry home.

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