Bangladesh pushes back 65 Rohingya

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Bangladesh security force –Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) pushed back 65 Rohingyas to Burma on August 25, according to BGB statement.

“BGB pushed back 22 Rohingyas to Burma through Taungbro and Gundum areas and 43 Rohingyas from Shapordip and Nela areas of Teknaf.”

“The Rohingyas entered to Bangladesh from various areas of Bangladesh border on August 25, morning and BGB arrested while they entered in our land.”

The Arakan State government and Central government with collaboration of local Rakhine leaders and political party leaders –RNDP and ALP- created the riot which broke out in Arakan State since June, which made Rohingya community from Arakan State to escape from their home land and tried to enter Bangladesh. But, Bangladesh security forces- BGB and Coast Guard – didn’t allow entering the Rohingyas and they pushed back more than 1500 Rohingyas, said a human rights worker from the border.

“But, the Rohingyas are trying to enter Bangladesh everyday sine the riot broke out in Arakan , even the Bangladesh government didn’t allow to enter them.”

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