Ground situation of northern Arakan State

Buthidaung Township:

The house of Mogul Ahmed, hailed from Phoneyu Lake village, under the Nasaka area No. 9 of Buthidaung south was robbed by army on August 19, at about 1:00 pm. The army robbed 50 Ticals of gold and Kyat 20 million after fastening all the family members, said a village elder from the village.
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Soldiers loot Rohingya shop in Maungdaw north

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Around 40 soldiers from Light Infantry Battalion [LIB] 342 landed in Thee Chaung [Balukhali] village market, north of Maungdaw, at around 2.30 pm on August 22 and looted a shop in front of many shoppers and other witnesses, a local village administration officer reported.
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Myanmar Government Can’t Hide its Crimes

Dr. Habib Siddiqui

In an article in the state-run New Light of Myanmar on Wednesday, August 22, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Myanmar, stated, “It is obvious that the violence in the Rakhine State are neither the conflict between two religious groups of different faith nor humanitarian issue.” “The incidents in the Rakhine State are sectarian conflicts which are purely internal affairs of a sovereign state. They are not relating to any kind of religious persecution or religious discrimination. Therefore, we will not accept, any attempt to politically regionalize or internationalize this conflict as a religious issue.” “The government of Myanmar has never practiced policy of violence against Muslims or any other faiths,” said the statement. “The government totally rejects accusations made by some organizations that the government is practicing such a policy of abuse.”
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Dr. Habib Siddiqui

Myanmar (formerly Burma) is going through a deep crisis in dealing with ethnic conflicts, especially in its western Rakhine (formerly Arakan) state. To find probable solutions to the existing problems, Arakan Rohingya Organization – Japan (JARO) and Rohingya National Organization in Thailand (RNOT) jointly sponsored an International Rohingya Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. The theme of the conference was “Contemplating Burma’s Rohingya People’s Future in Reconciliation and (Democratic) Reform.”  Continue reading “”

আর্নো এর বক্তব্য-২৩ আগস্ট

জুনে শুরু হওয়া সংঘর্ষের ফলে বার্মিজ নিরাপত্তা বাহিনী মুসলিম রোহিঙাদের মসজিদে নামাজ আদায় করতে দিচ্ছে না
এবং কতৃপক্ষ উত্তর আরাকানের সমস্ত মসজিদের নামাজ আদায় বন্ধ করে দিয়েছে।পবিত্র রমজান মাসে পরিস্থিতি আরো
ভয়াবহ রূপ নেয়,এবং ঈদের দিন মুসলিমরা ভয়ে নামাজ আদায় না করে ঘরে আশ্রয় নেয়।
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