Army and Natala destroy Black Mosques and religious school in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Army personnel and Natala (New Settler) villagers destroyed Black (Hala) Mosques of Tha Yae Kone Tan village under Zawmat Tak villager tract, Maungdaw south Yesterday night (22 August 2012) and religious school ( Madarasa ) of Lambagonna village is destroying today at about 9:00pm , according to a villager from Tha Yae Kone Tan village.
“The army personnel from Maungdaw joined with army who are stained near Tha Yae Kone Tan and at  Tha Yae Kone Baw Natala village together with Natala villagers sit a meeting at about 4:00pm on 21 August 2012.”

“The Tha yae Kone Tan villagers ( Rohingyas) from their villages as they saw two truck of army joined the Tha Yae Kone Baw Natala village’s army camp. There are no males in the villages, only females are living their home.”

The army and Natala villagers came to Black Mosques – situated out of village and northern side of Natala village and east side of Maungdaw Alay Than Kyaw  high way road- at about 8 ;00pm and they started destroying the wall of Mosque till might night, said an elder from village.

“The Natala villagers are destroyed the Mosques while the army covered the Natala villagers from any attacked of Rohingya villagers.”

Similarly, the Natala villagers and Army are destroying the religious school (Madawrasa) of Lambagonena village today at about 9:00pm, the elder said.

The Burmese government formed a 27 members of fact finding committee from Burma to block International Investigation group , showing the government is working on Arakan State riot to find out the fact  which will report to President Thein Sein. But, The president also formed a Investigation committee for killing 10 Muslims pilgrims at Taungkok on June 3. The committee still not giving real report to President and the committee only reported that everybody said they didn’t see anyone killing the Muslim pilgrims. Now , again, the president formed a committee with all round of civil society. After forming the committee , the security forces and Buddhist community of Natala villagers are destroying Mosques and religious school where the government security forces covered the Natala villagers from defensing the Mosques and religious school by Rohingya Muslims villagers, said a school teacher from Maungdaw.

“If the government real want to find real fact of Arakan state riot  between Rakhines and Rohingyas. Now, the government formed the committee one side and another side the government destroying Rohingyas’ religious building. How , the people believes the government will give the justice and real report.”

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