No Rohingya on the road in Maungdaw during Eid day

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Rohingyas from Maungdaw are staying in their home whole day and no Rohingyas come out from their home on the road today (Eid day), according to an elder from Maungdaw.
“The Rohingyas didn’t pray of Eid prayer in Maungdaw as the whole country is going to celebrate Eid-ul-fitr  ( Eid festivel). The authority had given permission to pray on this day, but the Rohingya demand for daily five times prayer. The authority gave permission to Rohingya yesterday to pray in Mosques only noon (Juhur) and after noon (Assar) only for three days. But, Rohingya comminty said no need to do for three days and pray in their house as they were going prayer in their houses since June.”

“Today, we pray in our houses the Eid prayer and no one is come out from their houses, even the young children. The Maungdaw is like a desert.”

The authority imposed full tight security in Maungdaw and every corner  the security force are staying  alert, said a villager from Maungdaw.

“The security forces are forcefully collecting signatures from Rohingya community of Myoma Khayoungdan village that they had performed   Eid prayer today evening.”

Similarly, the security forces from Alay Than Kyaw forced Zaygonedan village of 8 fmaily to pray for Eid prayer in Mosques which was record by authority from every corner, said a villager from Aly Than Kyaw.

“Only 21 Rohingya including children join the mass praying in the Mosques.”

“The Burmese government is trying to show international community that the Rohingya pray at Eid day which mean Rohingya are persecution of religious and their enjoying the whole Eid day.”

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