More Rohingya kill in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The security force –Burma border security force (Nasaka)-  and Rakhine  killed more Rohingya recently  in Maungdaw, said a village admin from Maungdaw.
“Oo Daung Nasaka camp officer Pyro Way Aung and Oo Daung village administration officer Thein Aung  ( Rakhine) with other Nasaka personnel went to  Salim Ullah home in Oo Daung village at about 10:00pm on August 16.  The Nasaka officer and his group went to Salim home with a plan of attempt to rape his dauhghter where Salim Ullah family has three members – he, his wife and his daughter (young lady).”

The Nasaka officer and Village admin enter to his house for checking of family list without calling any village admin member expect the village admin officer. When the officer went near to young lady to attempt to rape but, the father block the officer to reach his daughter. The officer was drunk and shot to old man with his gun. The old man was hit at his arm but the officer arrested him with an allegation of attacking on duty officer when the villagers rushed to the home for hearing the gun shot. Salim was kept at camp and took photograph with sword then sent him to the area commander office, said an elder from village.

Similarly, Army and Rakhine attacked the Fokira Bazar village where they killed 8 Rohingyas on August 16, according to an elder from Maungdaw.

Besides, Rakhines from Taungpro killed 6 Rohingyas on August 6 and the villagers found the dead bodies of Rohingyas near the stream which was informed to Nasaka . The Nasaka ordered the villagers to bury the dead bodies. The Taungpro villagers are not known the dead bodies and the realized that the dead Rohingyas are outsider, said a villager.

“May be, the Rakhine killed the Rohingyas who try to cross the border for recent riot and not able to stay at their home.”

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