High ranking military officer calls Rohingya in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  A high ranking military officer from Military Operation Commands (MOCs) number 15 , called a public meeting with all Rohingyas from every villages tracts today at about 10:00am in Maungdaw, according to an elder from Maungdaw.
“The officer with other Maungdaw concerned authority and officials in Maungdaw district administration office hall where all the officers discuss how to control Maungdaw and to keep the two communities and the group met with Rakhine community at 9:00am.”

“The officers and Rakhines discussion was unknown to Rohingya community.”

The official met with Rohingyas at 10:00am where the military officers said you created the conflict between Rakhine and you on June 8 in Maungdaw. We imposed curfew in the areas where we had seen that you are living peacefully, so we removed one hour from start and one hour from end. If you are living peacefully in the future, we will remove the curfew from the town, according to a Rohingya who attend the meeting.

“Both of you and Rakhine must stay together in the town peacefully and if any International organizations or any foreigner  will asked in the future , you must said that there is no conflict  in the areas  and living peacefully,” the officer urged the Rohingya in the meeting.

The Military officers and civil authority went to Maungdaw south yesterday where the army officer told the villagers of Alay than Kyaw, not to tell anyone- INGOs, UN and other aid workers- who will visit the areas in the future. You don’t tell the visitors about the event which you had faced last operations by security forces. If you told the true situations since June 8 on you, we will fire all your villages and drove away from these places, according to an elder from Alay than Kyaw.

“The officer also urged the Rohingya villagers from Maungdaw south, to stay peacefully with Rakhine as before and the authority will bring the situation as before.”

The high ranking officers and civil officers are urging the Rohingya community to stay peacefully with Rakhine community, the police personnel from Maungdaw and Rakhine are still harassing, looting and beating Rohingya. No one was ready to give justice to Rohingya even the high ranking officer, said a villager from Maungdaw. “If the authorities want to live peacefully together with Rakhine, why the authority still locked our Mosques and not allowing us to pray in the Mosques? Is the authority really want peace in Maungdaw, please allow us to pray inside the Mosques during our feasting month of Ramadan and coming Eid festival.”

Similarly, Cho Pro Aung, a Warrant officer from District Police office cheated 30 Rohingya females who came to the police station with fake promise to inform the lists of Rohingya prisoners who were bring to Maungdaw for trail in Maungdaw court today, said a Rohingya from Maungdaw.

“The police officer collected 1000 kyats per female for sharing information of Rohingya prisoners from Buthidaung jail, but he cheated the female without giving any information of prisoners.”

Besides, the Maungdaw Township Adminsitration officer U Kyi San and its collaborator Mujeb Ullah  met with Rohingya villagers of Fayazi para  today  where the officer urged the Rohingya not to listen the outside information which will not help you to bring the peace in Maungdaw. We can do it peace in Maungdaw, if you follow our advice. Don’t tell anyone who will ask the situation of your lives since June 8. Just give them that you are living peacefully together with Rakhine, said a villagers from Maungdaw.

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