Update news of northern Arakan on August 8, 2012

Buthidaung Township:

The armies of MOC (Military Operation Command) of Buthidaung Township have been collecting big bamboos from Rohingya villagers since one week ago for construction of new Rakhine village nearby the MOC. Rohingya villagers believe that the army will invite Rakhine community from the southern side of Arakan to settle them there, said a villager on condition of anonymity.

Maungdaw Township:

The security forces- Army, Burma borer security force (Nasaka), police and Hluntin deployed all the points of Maungdaw and Maungdaw town is tight security today. The security forces block the Rohingyas who want to go Maungdaw market to buy for their daily life struggle, said an elder from Maungdaw.

“Security forces stop Rohingya who want to enter the Town and pushed back them to their villages. The security forces also not allow the Rohingya to go outside of the town who are living inside municipal area.”

“The Rohingya community is rounding the town with motorbikes or walking as a group, the security are not stop to this Rakhine groups.”

“Today is the day where the two communities fight each other and the authority backed the Rakhine community which made Rohingyas community heavy lost in their struggle.So, the security forces posted with alert of tight security.”

Rohingya community closed their shops and all the people stay inside the home as the town was totally control  by security forces and ordered to Rohingya not to go out of their home, said a school teacher from Maungdaw.

“Yesterday, Rkhines youths threaten Rohingya villages – near Shwe Tha Zine Hotel, Bomu village, Kanriee, clock tower junction and Wards number 2 – to set on fire yesterday. It was leak out to the people and town dwellers informed to the authority,”

“If any one – Rohingya- goes out from their villages or home, the Rakhine youths beat them in fornt of security forces. The security forces are not taking any action against the Rakhine youths.”

Rathedaung Township:

Yesterday, 32 Rohingya villagers including (4 children, 7 women and 21 old men) died in Don Say Para of Rathedaung Township by starving. Over one thousand villagers of Anauk Pyin and other villagers of Rathedaung Township migrated to western side of Mayu Mountain to take shelter as their villagers were burned down recently by Rakhine mobs with the cooperation of police, Hluntin, Nasaka and army. They are temporarily taking shelter in other Rohingya villages, but they have no food. It is learnt that army forcibly sent back some refugees to their original villages and some are stranded on the way in the open sky.  Villagers have been suffering acute difficulties such as— food, health and shelter. No one went there to see the situation of them, said an elder.

If the process is going on, all the Rohingya villagers will die by starvation. Rakhine villagers are giving threatening to the Rohingya villagers that they will kill all the Rohingya by starvation but not by slaughtering.

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