Latest information of Arakkan State on August 7, 2012

Maungdaw Township:   

A Rakhine youth son of Maung Pru from Ward number 4 organized 40 Rakhine youths from Maungdaw, threaten Rohingya village – near Shwe Tha Zine Hotel – to set on fire tonight and the Rohingyas from Muangdaw are all alert and watching the situation. The Rohingyas also informed to the authority about threaten of Rakhines, said a Rohingya from Maungdaw.

The security officer on duty at Nyoung Change ordered to the Rohingya villagers not to go out from the village tomorrow and it is to protect the situation of unwanted event, said a villager from Myothugyi village “The officer ordered the curfew will stay 24 hour from tomorrow,”

Today, at about 6:30 pm, the government ordered the villagers of Maungdaw south through loudspeaker that not to light any lamp. If anyone not complies with, he/ she will be shot to death, said a youth.

Police and Nasaka personnel raided Ward number 2, Fayazi para at night without informing to the villagers to check the family lists yesterday night at about 10:00pm. When the Police and Nasaka personnel entered to the village, all the male are run away from the village and the security forces loot the Rohingyas’ house, according to a villager. “The security forces also toke the family list when they didn’t get all the family members.”

Yesterday, at night, a group of police accompanied by Rakhine youths led by police officer U Kyaw Than went to Bhumu Para of Maungdaw town and seized some of family lists and asked the villagers to choose it after paying money, the next day. When the police went to the village, male villagers ran away for fear of arrest leaving their women. Taking this advantage, the police assaulted the women. Police become hero in Maungdaw town as government lets them to commit any crimes against the Rohingya community. Every day, police hareaaas, loot Rohingya people who go to market to buy somewhere else.

Moreover, yesterday, at about 3:00 pm, the Nasaka personnel of Nasaka area No. 6 of Maungdaw Township arrested two Rohingya youths –Abdullah (25), son of Kamal  Hussain and Zubair ( 21) , son of Mohamed Hussain while they were walking on the road. They are still detained in the camp, according to a trader from maungdaw

In addition, Maulana Mohamed (60) and Mohamed Alam (32), both are from Paung Zaar village of Maungdaw Township were arrested by Nasaka personnel of Nasaka area No. 6, yesterday, at about 4:30 pm, from Darga Bazar only for extorting money, said a village elder.

Abul Hussein (25), son of Mohamed Hussain, hailed from Dura bill village of Nasaka area No. 6 under the Maungdaw Township was killed on July 25, in the Maungdaw police custody.  He was arrested by Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) on July 10, without any fault and brought to the local Nasaka camp where he was severely tortured.  Before one week of his death, the Nasaka offered to the victim’s father to pay Kyat 2.5 million for his release. When the father met his son Abul Hussain, he asked his father not to pay money as he will die soon, not misuse the money. The next day, he was sent to Maungdaw police station, where he was dead after three days later. Being informed, father went to the police station and asked to hand over the dead body, so he was ruthlessly kicked by the police, said a close relative.

Kyauktaw Township

Today, at about 2:00 pm, the big Ambari Para of Kyauktaw Township was attacked by Moghs and torched the village. From early morning, the Moghs are surrounding the village to attack, but no security forces went to rescue them. Therefore, the Moghs are encouraged and torched the village at around 2: 00 pm where fighting was going on between two groups. The Rohingyas have no alternative to choose, so they resist the attack of Moghs.  The Kyauktaw  Rohingya  villagers  were attacked by racist Moghs since August 5. This the first time that the Moghs attacked the Rohingya villages after the UN Human Rights delegation led by Quintana left the country (Burma). It has 150 houses and do not know how many houses were burned down, and how many people were killed or wounded, said a school teacher from the locality.

The present Burmese government policy is religious and ethnic cleansing of Rohingya community, similar to what happened in Bosnia Herzegovina in 1990s and the tragedies in Rowanda and Burundi in Africa, said a politician.

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